09/13/2021 Hearing Agenda

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The Monday, September 13th Macon-Bibb County Zoning Commission’s Hearing will be held at 1:30 p.m. in the MBPZ Conference Room at the Terminal Station, Third Floor. [via Google Maps]

Commissioners will hold an administrative pre-hearing meeting at noon in the same location. Both meetings are open to the public–no testimony will be received during the administrative meeting.

If you intend to offer testimony on an agenda item being reviewed, you need to register to be called for your time to speak. Sign in at the front desk prior to the hearing or pre-register online now. Pre-registration deadline is Friday 3:00 p.m. before the Zoning Hearing.  We ask you to review our Hearing Procedures & Protocols before attending an MBPZ Zoning Hearing.

MBPZ MASK required graphic

Compliance with personal safety rules is mandatory in MBPZ Offices for all meetings, hearings & face-to-face interactions:
• Social distancing & masks are required.
• Seating is limited in hearings & meetings.

Administrative meeting agenda

  1. Call to order
  2. Staff review of agenda items with Commissioners
  3. New Business
  4. Old Business
  5. Adjourn administrative meeting

Hearing Agenda

▣ Approval of minutes from previous zoning hearing

00293 Rogers Ave Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow exterior modifications, HR-1 District | Little Engine Property Solutions, LLC., applicant | Deferred by DRB 

00384 Buford Pl | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow a fence, HR-1 District | Haley Smith/Michael Torres, applicant | moved to ratification 

00497 Second St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow new sign, CBD-1 District  Jennifer Smith/The Sign Store, applicant | moved to ratification 

00636/00696 Pio Nono Ave | Conditional use |  to allow a church, C-1 District | Nora Jackson, applicant 

00682 Cherry St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow new signage, CBD-1 District | Addie Mentry /Creative Sign Design, applicant | moved to ratification 

00915 Ross Ave | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow landscaping renovations, HPD-BH District | Wimberly Treadwell, applicant | moved to ratification 

00979 Edgewood Ave | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow exterior modifications, HPD-BH District | Jennifer Argo, applicant | moved to ratification 

01212 Eisenhower Pkwy | Conditional use | to allow a grocery store with fuel, C-2 District | Raxit Patel, applicant

01250 Eisenhower Pkwy | Conditional use | to allow a c-store with fuel, C-2 District, Kareem Ali/Robert Moore, applicant

04154 Riverside Dr & portion 4210 Riverside Dr | Conditional use | with interpretation of Section Section 6.03[11] to allow a gym/health club, A, Agriculture District, Tony Widner/Widner & Associates, applicant

05021 Mercer University Dr | Conditional use |  to allow a vehicle rental, PDC District, Carl M. Dudley, applicant | moved to ratification 

Items From Previous Hearings

12. 03134 Pio Nono Ave | Conditional use |  to allow a c-store with fuel sales and alcohol package-to-go, C-2 District | ARPH/Ashok Patel, applicant | Deferred by staff 

13. 03843 Bloomfield Rd | Conditional use |  to allow a neighborhood grocery with fuel, PDC-District, Chaitali Patel/3743 Bloomfield LLC., applicant | Deferred by staff 

14. 04987 Bloomfield Rd | Rezoning |  from R-1, Single-Family Residential District to PDC, Planned Development Commercial to allow a grocery store with fuel sales and tenant space, Ashok Patel/Kunj Construction, applicant | Deferred by staff 

15. 05250 Sardis Church Rd | Conditional use | to allow a truck stop, PDI District | Stephen Gailbrath, applicant