10/23/2017 Planning & Zoning Hearing

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NOTICE: The Monday, October 23, 2017 meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission will be held in the 10th Floor Conference Room, Willie C. Hill Government Center Annex, 682 Cherry Street, beginning at 1:30 p.m.


  1. 2505 ALLEN ROAD: Conditional use to allow a fuel storage tank, M-1 District.  Gavin Dinwoodie, Applicant.
  2. 2505 ALLEN ROAD: Variance to allow reduction in setback requirements from residential district, M-1 District.  Gavin Dinwoodie, Applicant.


  1. 2505 ALLEN ROAD: Proposal to rezone from M-1, Wholesale and Light Industrial District to M-2, Heavy Industrial District.  The purpose of this rezoning is to construct a new fuel storage tank.  Michael Reeves, Agent/Magellan Terminal Holdings L.P., Applicant.
  2. 137 MULBERRY STREET AND PARCEL UTIL-143T: Proposal to rezone from M-2, Heavy Industrial District to CBD-1, Central Business District.  The purpose of this rezoning is to bring into conformity with future land use plan.  Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission and Urban Development Authority, Applicant.


  1. 4757 FULTON MILL ROAD: Conditional use to allow a borrow pit, A-Agricultural District.  Preston McCallum, Applicant.
  2. 189 LOWER BAY STREET: Conditional use to allow outside display at a wholesale building material business, M-2 District. Gregg Mizerack, Applicant. WITHDRAWN BY STAFF
  3. 4782 RIVERSIDE DRIVE: Conditional use to allow parking addition to an existing car dealership, C-2 District.  Nathan Adams, Applicant.


  1. 375 HINES TERRACE: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of accessory structure and fence, HR-1 District. Jacob Fields, Applicant. RATIFIED 


  1. 5441 BOWMAN ROAD: Variance in EGD sign area requirements, PDE District. Schuster Enterprises, Inc., Applicant. RATIFIED

  2. 665 NORTH AVENUE: Variance to allow 125 SF of signage over the allowable aggregate amount, C-4 District.  Chi-Chester Pharmacy, Applicant.

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