At Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission, our talent search committee attracts & hire the best qualified candidates across the nation. Our office structure is compiled of 16 talented & skilled employees that are passionate about their work and the community in which they live.

Our Executive Director has extensive experience in leading organizations and streamlining processes that integrate land development, inspections, code enforcement, preservation, and economic development. Our Zoning Staff administers zoning & development ordinances through permit process. Our Zoning Inspectors enforces the zoning ordinance and other applicable laws & codes for the City of Macon-Bibb County. Our Planning Staff help envision and shape future City growth. Along with the host of Human Resources professional, Communications Director, GIS Manager, and our amazing administrative professionals whose support is vital, we are MBPZ!

If you are seeking a meaningful role where you can make a real difference improving and growing our city, we welcome you to explore the job opportunities we have to offer.  

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager

Working under the direction of the Executive Director, the GIS Manager will be involved in all aspects of the Commission’s GIS planning function which requires:  

  • Compilation and analyzation of geographic data, from a variety of public and private GIS and non-GIS sources.
  • Advanced GIS skills and understanding of Network Analyst, 3D-Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and basic CAD functions.
  • Mastery of land survey principles and legal descriptions including metes and bounds and Public Land Survey System (PLSS).
  • The design and creation of special map and digital products as assigned using predefined procedures, knowledge of GIS data and required GIS skills.
  • High proficiency in communication, both written and oral and cartographic skills – the ability to convey GIS spatial information to non-GIS users.  
  • Expertise in the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform and suite of desktop software including extensions.
  • Experience in utilizing Geographic Position System (GPS) technology, coordinate systems to develop spatial models and maps.

Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in geography, information systems, information technology, land planning, environmental sciences, or related field. Preferred experience of at least five (5) years using ESRI ArcGIS systems. Applicants with a master’s degree in a GIS affiliated field may be substitute for two or more years of preferred experience. 

Applicants must have working knowledge of Microsoft’s Office Suite.  Creative problem solving and graphic presentation skills are highly desirable. The successful candidate will be technically competent, detail oriented, highly organized and should possess strong verbal and written skills in order to effectively communicate technical information to the public and work effectively with local, state, and federal agencies.   

Starting salary range ($55,600 – $68,500) is market competitive depending upon experience and qualifications. Commission offers a competitive benefit package. 

Application deadline is Thursday, March 31st. 

Submit the required Cover Letter and Resume to [email protected] by March 31st deadline to apply.