Understanding what a zoning or a land use violation is before filing a complaint.

A zoning (or land use) violation  means that an individual property owner has an activity that is either not allowed within the zone district or does not comply with standards set forth for the zone district.

Examples of zoning violations include but are not limited to:

  • miscellaneous junk
  • trash and debris
  • construction within hazard areas such as a floodplain
  • storage of commercial vehicles in residential areas
  • exceeding the number of allowed animals within a zone district
  • not screening outside materials

If you believe a Zoning violation exists in your neighborhood:

  1. Follow the link below to report the complaint.
  2. Remember to indicate the correct address of the property
  3. Explain why you believe a violation exist
  4. Include your contact information
  5. A MBPZ Zoning Inpsector will investigate the complaint and determine if a violation exists on the property. If a violation exists, the property owner will be notified and will be asked  to abate the violation.