Download the Macon – Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission’s 2017 Calendar PDF.


Plug the Macon – Bibb Planning & Zoning Commission’s Calendars into your calendar.

You can now plug in the P&Z events and deadlines into your Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar app and or Google Calendar.

Here are the subscription links and instructions:

Deadlines Calendar:
Calendar ID: [email protected]

P&Z Hearings
Calendar ID: [email protected]

These instructions may help you get you plugged in:


1. Copy the link above

2. In Outlook, go to File, Account Settings, Internet Calendar tab.

3. Click New.

4. Paste the URL in the address field. It’s no longer necessary to remove the S from the HTTPS URL, but if Outlook won’t download or gives you an error, remove it.

5. Click Add. Enter a friendly name for the calendar and return to Outlook.

6. The calendar will sync to Outlook but it is read-only. You can’t add appointments in Outlook and have them sync up to the server. Updates made to the calendar online should sync down to Outlook hourly.

Below is the easiest and most stable way to sync your Google Calendars and iCal:

STEP 1: Open settings on your iPad or iPhone

STEP 2: Click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button on the left-hand side

STEP 3: You will see an accounts section that has iCloud, Exchange etc. At the bottom of the Accounts section click on Add Account…

STEP 4: Select the Gmail option

STEP 5: Enter in your details. Copy the link Deadline above, the do the same for the MBPZ Hearing calendar

A couple of things to note:
1. The name doesn’t have to be your actual name. You can enter whatever you would like the recipient to see when they receive your email.

2. If you use 2-step verification make sure you enter the application specific password, not your regular password in the password section

STEP 6: Click next at the top of the screen and wait for the account to be verified. Once your account is verified you will see that you can turn the different Google products on or off. Make sure that you have the calendar option turned on.

STEP 7: Open up your calendar on your device and the sync will automatically begin.

STEP 8: Repeat Steps 2 through Step 6 to add the MBPZ Hearing calendar to your device.