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Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission


07/13/2020 Hearing Results

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The Monday, July 13, 2020, meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission was held in the MBPZ Conference Room and streamed online. The hearing began at 1:30 p.m. The administrative pre-meeting began at noon.

Hearing Agenda

Approval of June 22, 2020 minutes

1.  00162 Corbin Ave | Certificate of Appropriateness | design approval for construction of garage, HR-1 District | V. Paul Brancato, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

2. 00218 Orange St | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow exterior modification, HR-2 District | Margaret A. Wineland, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

3. 0527 D T Walton Sr Way | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow exterior modifications to facade, CBD-1 District | Capricorn Investments Group, LLC., applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

4. 00567 Second St | Certificate of Appropriateness | for approval of design and materials of a hotel, CBD-1 District | John Crown/Five Fifty Five, LLC, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)  

5. 00567 Second St Conditional use | to allow an 87-unit hotel, CBD-1 District | John Crown/Five Fifty Five, LLC, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

6. 00925 Park Pl | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow landscape changes and new construction, HR-2 District | Watson Argo/Argo Moore Landscapes, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

7. 01358 Old Forsyth Rd | Conditional use | to allow demolition of existing tower and replace with new tower, A-District | Greg Spence/Fortified Telecom Services, Inc (For Verizon), applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

8. 05837/05875 Hawkinsville Rd Conditional use | to allow c-store and retail building, M-1 District | Jim Rollins/The Summit Group, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

9. 06225 Forsyth Rd | Conditional use | to allow a landscape and plant nursery, A District | Victor Davidson/Agape Landscape and Nursery, applicant | Deferred to 7/27/2020 (due to lack of a second on motion per Section 27.03[8](c) ).

10. 06398 Zebulon Rd |Conditional use | to demolish and reconstruct a c-store and new fuel island with canopy, PDE District | Brad Cliett/JWS LLC, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

Old Business
1105791 Zebulon Rd | Compare to Architectural Design | Architectural elevations and proposed materials differ from those that were approved. Applicant requests MBPZ Commission to allow the changes | Brian Robison / Summit Design & Build | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)