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Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission


09/27/2021 Hearing Results

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The Monday, September 27th, meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission was held at the MBPZ Conference Room. The hearing began at 1:30 p.m. The administrative pre-meeting began at 12:00 p.m.

The results of the hearing are as follows:

Approval of previous meeting minutes

00293 Rogers Ave | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow exterior modifications, HR-1 District | Little Engine Property Solutions, LLC., applicant | Approved  (Scott 1st, Rogers 2nd)

00401 Monroe St | Conditional use | to allow an incubator at an existing establishment, R-3 District | Tedra Huston/Macon-Bibb County Community Enhancement, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Rogers 2nd)

00695 Riverside Dr | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow a sign, CBD-1 District | Jennifer Smith/The Sign Store, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

00894 College St | Interpretation | of previous conditions of approval | HR-3 District | Dawn McCullar/Yollah, applicant | Approved (Rogers 1st, Bechtel 2nd)

00908, 00916, 00924, 00932, 00946 Oglethorpe St | Certificate of Appropriateness | for design and materials of a duplex with conceptual approval of design and materials for future structures, HPD-BH District | Historic Macon Foundation, applicant | Approved ( Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

02525 Pio Nono Ave | Conditional use | to allow paper processing in an existing building, PDE District | Jimmy Melton/Renfro Construction, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

02688 Roff Ave | Interpretation | of Section 16.03[15] to allow a trade school, M-1 District | Bonni Parsons/Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Assoc of GA, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Bechtel 2nd)

05129 Mercer University Dr | Conditional use | to allow revisions to a previously approved site plan, PDE District | Eric Bikas/Quik Trip, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Bechtel 2nd)

06876 Bethel Church Rd | Conditional use | to allow a manufactured home w/variance in standards as a second dwelling, Ag-District | Matthew Hopkins, applicant | Approved (Rogers 1st, Bechtel 2nd)

07154 Wimpy Rd | Variance | to allow a flag lot, R-1AAA District | Three Oaks Construction & Development, applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

Items From Previous Hearings

03134 Pio Nono Ave | Conditional use | to allow a c-store with fuel sales and alcohol package-to-go, C-2 District | ARPH/Ashok Patel, applicant | Deferred at applicant’s request  (Rogers 1st, Jones 2nd)

03843 Bloomfield Rd | Conditional use | to allow a neighborhood grocery with fuel, PDC-District | Chaitali Patel/3743 Bloomfield LLC., applicant | Approved (Scott 1st, Rogers 2nd)

04987 Bloomfield Rd | Rezoning | from R-1, Single-Family Residential District to PDC, Planned Development Commercial to allow a grocery store with fuel sales and tenant space | Ashok Patel/Kunj Construction, applicant | Deferred at applicant’s request  (Rogers 1st, Jones 2nd)