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Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission


09/13/2021 Hearing Agenda

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Administrative meeting agenCall to order

Staff review of agenda items with Commissioners

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00293 Rogers Ave Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow exterior modifications, HR-1 District | Little Engine Property Solutions, LLC., applicant | Deferred by DRB 

00384 Buford Pl | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow a fence, HR-1 District | Haley Smith/Michael Torres, applicant | moved to ratification 

00497 Second St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow new sign, CBD-1 District  Jennifer Smith/The Sign Store, applicant | moved to ratification 

00636/00696 Pio Nono Ave | Conditional use |  to allow a church, C-1 District | Nora Jackson, applicant 

00682 Cherry St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow new signage, CBD-1 District | Addie Mentry /Creative Sign Design, applicant | moved to ratification 

00915 Ross Ave | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow landscaping renovations, HPD-BH District | Wimberly Treadwell, applicant | moved to ratification 

00979 Edgewood Ave | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow exterior modifications, HPD-BH District | Jennifer Argo, applicant | moved to ratification 

01212 Eisenhower Pkwy | Conditional use | to allow a grocery store with fuel, C-2 District | Raxit Patel, applicant

01250 Eisenhower Pkwy | Conditional use | to allow a c-store with fuel, C-2 District, Kareem Ali/Robert Moore, applicant

04154 Riverside Dr & portion 4210 Riverside Dr | Conditional use | with interpretation of Section Section 6.03[11] to allow a gym/health club, A, Agriculture District, Tony Widner/Widner & Associates, applicant

05021 Mercer University Dr | Conditional use |  to allow a vehicle rental, PDC District, Carl M. Dudley, applicant | moved to ratification 

Items From Previous Hearings

12. 03134 Pio Nono Ave | Conditional use |  to allow a c-store with fuel sales and alcohol package-to-go, C-2 District | ARPH/Ashok Patel, applicant | Deferred by staff 

13. 03843 Bloomfield Rd | Conditional use |  to allow a neighborhood grocery with fuel, PDC-District, Chaitali Patel/3743 Bloomfield LLC., applicant | Deferred by staff 

14. 04987 Bloomfield Rd | Rezoning |  from R-1, Single-Family Residential District to PDC, Planned Development Commercial to allow a grocery store with fuel sales and tenant space, Ashok Patel/Kunj Construction, applicant | Deferred by staff 

15. 05250 Sardis Church Rd | Conditional use | to allow a truck stop, PDI District | Stephen Gailbrath, applicant