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Introducing: 2022 The Year of the Plan | Connect 2050

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We’re calling 2022 The Year of the Plan since the coming new year will bring into focus two long-term planning projects: the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the Comprehensive Plan Update (Comp Plan).

Together, these two plans set transportation project priorities and future Land Use & zoning policy. In short, these plans will determine how federal and state funds are spent to shape the growth and development for Macon-Bibb & surrounding communities for the coming years.

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan, referred to as Connect 2050, got underway in October. Work on the Comprehensive Plan Update will begin in February.

Connect 2050 is currently in the Public Participation phase of planning. This is when we need you to step up and provide your input, ideas & feedback regarding transportation priorities.

Below are links to a brief online survey (the survey can also be found at www.MaconMPO.com) as well as the prioritized list of transportation projects for Macon-Bibb and portions of Jones & Monroe counties due to be completed by the year 2049.

Macon Area Transportation Plan Connect 2050 | logo graphic
2022 The Year of the Plan | Connect 2050

We ask that you take a few minutes to answer the survey. Doing so will directly help our planning team in developing the MTP. Also, come out to a Connect 2050 Open House event and provide your thoughts, ideas & feedback on the Macon Area Transportation Study‘s (MATS) proposed list of transportation projects.

We need you and your support as we plan our community’s future!

Link to: Connect 2050 Transportation Planning Survey

Link to: Current MATS Transportation Project List sorted by priority

Link to: MATS Transportation Projects Overview Spreadsheet

Revised Public Information Open House Schedule updated on 12/02/2021
Schedule revised 12/02/2021