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Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission


09/28/2020 Hearing Agenda

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The Monday, September 28, 2020 meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission will be held online beginning at 1:30 p.m. The administrative meeting begins at noon.
If you intend on presenting or speaking to the Zoning Commission during the hearing, please register here. To view the Zoning Hearing go to MBPZ’s YouTube Channel.
(Please note: Commissioners, applicants & meeting speakers will receive Zoom.us access credentials via email the day of the hearing.)

Hearing Agenda

1. 00314 Second St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow for signage, CBD-1 District | Scott Bombard/The Sign Store, applicant | recommended for ratification 

2. 00479 Cherry St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow new sign, CBD-1 District | Christen Carter, applicant | withdrawn-issued at staff level 

3. 00652 New St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow for new signs, CBD-1 District | Khris Middleton/AKO Signs, applicant | recommended for ratification 

4. 00869 Glen Hill Ct | Variance |  to allow an accessory building between house and right-of-way, R-1AA District | Donald M Card, applicant | recommended for ratification 

5. 00988 High St | Certificate of Appropriateness |  to allow re-platting of parcels, HR-3 District | Kaitlynn Kressin, applicant | recommended for ratification 

6. 01200 Fifth Street | Variance |  in setback requirements [2020-0961], M-2 District | Widner & Associates, applicant | recommended for ratification 

7. 01671 Avondale Mill Rd | Variance |  to allow lots not fronting a public right of way, A District | Hugh A Cross/Wayne Cowley, applicant  

8. 05811 Zebulon Rd | Request for rehearing | for a restaurant with pickup window, PDE District | Cleve Cunningham/Cunningham & Co. Engineer, applicant 

9. 06140 Thomaston Rd | Conditional use |  to allow a c-store with fuel sales and alcohol package-to-go, A District | Venkateshwar Guntuka/VMR Food Mart, applicant 

10. 06483 Skipper Rd | Conditional use | to allow second single family dwelling,  A District | Lasharn E. Moore, applicant

Item deferred from 08/17/2020 Design Review Board Meeting
00071 Spring St | Certificate of Appropriateness |   to allow exterior modifications, CBD-2 District | Venkat Sajeev, applicant | recommended for ratification