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Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission


Results Summary for September 10th P&Z Hearing

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The Monday, September 10, 2018 meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing was held in the MBPZ Conference Room. The meeting began at 1:30pm.

The minutes for the August 27, 2018 hearing and pre-meeting were approved as submitted. (Jones 1st, Patel 2nd)

260 Oberon Pl: | Variance | to allow fence closer than 10ft to right-of-way, R-1AA District. RDG Ventures,  Applicant. Denied (Scott 1st , Patel 2nd )

323 Buford Place: | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow design approval of exterior modification with variance in fence height and orientation requirements, HR-1 District. Susan A. Long, Applicant. The fence height was Denied and the orientation of the fence was Approved. (Scott 1st, Patel 2nd )

517/527 D.T. Walton Sr. Way: | Certificate of Appropriateness| to allow design approval of exterior modifications, CBD-1 District.  Bryan Nichols, Applicant. Approved with stucco instead of stone. (Scott 1st, Patel 2nd)

697 Springdale Woods Dr: | Conditional Use | to allow private school for children (gardening/outdoor activities), R-1AAA District.  Brittany Mier y Teran, Applicant.  Deferred to October 8, 2018 to give applicant more time to talk with residents of adjoining neighborhood. (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd)

894 College Street: | Certificate of Appropriateness | to allow design approval to allow a wood privacy fence on three separate parcels, HR-3 District.  Old Post Real Estate, LLC., Applicant. RATIFIED – No Action Taken

976 Georgia Avenue: | Conditional Use | to allow an eight (8) unit multi-family dwellings with variance in parking, HR-3 District.  Otis Ingram, Applicant.  Deferred to give the applicant more time to come back with site plan for multi-family (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd )

2195 Pio Nono Avenue: | Conditional Use | to allow canopy addition and light auto repair outside at an existing business, C-1 District.  JC Tire Inc/Shjony Dong, Applicant. Approved with staff report conditions, (1st Scott, Patel 2nd)

6374 Zebulon Road: | Conditional Use | to allow a package store, PDE District.  Widner & Associates, Applicant. Deferred  until applicant can get agreement from adjacent property owners and to get with G-DOT to check out the distance. (Scott 1st, Jones 2nd )